• Ericka Simony Bahie dos Santos
  • Diogenes José Gusmão Coutinho



Environmental education. School. Awareness. Environmental preservation.


Environmental problems have caused great damage to nature and are mainly due to the inadequate action of man, which has contributed to the degradation of the environment. The present work carried out together with the students of the Rural School of Poços, located in the municipality of Cumaru - PE aims to analyze the importance of environmental education in the school environment and show how it can be a tool for environmental awareness and mitigation of damage caused by man. Environmental education is a participatory and continuous process of society, fundamental to critical awareness about existing environmental problems. The concern for the environment reveals that we are living in a moment of imbalance and disharmony, caused by society itself. Thus, it is necessary that there is a search to achieve a balance between the relationship between man and nature, aiming to seek sustainable alternatives and change behavior in the face of this problem. From this, environmental education is a tool for behavior change, aiming to achieve sustainable development based on actions, conceptions and changes in habit, aiming at a more harmonious relationship with the planet. The methodology of this work will be bibliographic research through articles and books found in websites and libraries. Environmental education allows a critical awareness of society about environmental issues and is a tool that aims at new environmental attitudes, practices of environmental precepts and minimization of damage caused to nature. With this, society adopts solutions to mitigate the problems it causes, contributing to the reduction of disasters and minimization of environmental degradation.

Biografia do Autor

Ericka Simony Bahie dos Santos


Diogenes José Gusmão Coutinho

PhD in Biology




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Santos, E. S. B. dos ., & Coutinho, D. J. G. . (2022). THE IMPORTANCE OF ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION A MAN-NATURE RELATIONSHIP. Revista Ibero-Americana De Humanidades, Ciências E Educação, 8(4), 423–432.

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